We have a new herd of shop cats 😂 Take one home with you, they will always be at your side!
Happy Friday everyone! We're starting our day with an ignition rebuild. The key was jammed and would not work properly. If you are experiencing similar problems, bring your ignition in to us or we can work on the vehicle in the shop (248)545-6173
Our 18 year old service van went kaput last week. We have been working hard getting the new one set up for service calls on the road and it's almost ready!
Created a new key for a Trimark RV door lock today, along with a handful of spare keys 🔑
First stop this morning Key Sales! Keeping our stock up is one of our priorities - and if we don't have what you need, we can get it for you. Happy Friday everyone 🔑
A customer came by today with a new ambulance purchase. 5 oxidized locks needed TLC badly! After much care, we were able to get all the locks working like new, corrosion gone.

One thing we tell our customers to keep locks moving properly is to add WD40 to the locks every 3 months. It works as a cleaner and water dispersement method. Do not use in plastic locks and bearings.
Our storefront has many new and old style handle sets and deadbolts for you to choose from!

24716 John R
Hazel Park, 48030
Some jobs require a little more customization, such as this one. We modified an old tailpiece so the  new lock will fit in a standard cylinder 🔑 Come see us today, we are here until 5PM.
Many times our customers come to us with multiple locks and keys and are looking to have one key work them all. Padlocks, residential locks and commercial locks have this capability as long as your key goes into the keyway. 
On this particular job, we master keyed a handful of Abus Padlocks, Corbin keyway so that one "master" key opens them all and they have a different set of keys to work each individual one.
If you have padlocks that need rekeying or needs keys cut, we can help you out. We're working on repinning an American Padlock at the moment. Come see us and try to stay dry today! (248)545-6173
New inventory alert! Gun safes, wall safes, drawer safes and more!
Lots of rekey jobs today! We can come to you or bring your hardware into the shop for service and advice 🔑
Cutting keys is our specialty! 🔑 
Residential, automotive and commercial - you name it, we can do it.
Clean removal of a locked safety deposit box 🔑✨
Meet our wonderful servicemen! We have Phil, Korey and David, the friendly faces of Big D Lock and Key 👋🔑🔒
Need new car keys cut, duplicated or programmed? Come on by the shop and see us - we can help you out!